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Safety Update – Denim Day takes place on January 20 as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

January is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Various events are happening across campus to engage the UBC community in this important issue. As a student, faculty or staff member, you’re invited to participate in these events, including Denim Day. Wear Denim on Wednesday, January 20 Wear denim, a Denim Day sticker, or both on January 20. Show that […]

November 2015

UBC is committed to maintaining a safe campus environment. We believe that it is important to advise the community when incidents occur so that individuals can remain alert and make informed decisions about their personal safety.

Campus Security map highlights reported thefts for 2015 Fall Term

UBC Campus Security recently published an interactive map that highlights all thefts reported for the 2015 Fall Term. While theft is always an issue at UBC, it is particularly pronounced during the Fall term.  The map separates the thefts into: shoplifting, bike theft, theft from auto, and smaller belongings. We encourage you to view the […]

UBC to double the number of campus Blue Phones

To create a more connected campus, UBC is doubling the number of campus Blue Phones from 20 to 40. Already underway, the project is anticipated to be completed by the end of March 2016. The Blue Phones will better enable Campus Security to assist in emergencies, as well as providing assistance to students, faculty, staff and the […]