Campus Security map highlights reported thefts for 2015 Fall Term

UBC Campus Security recently published an interactive map that highlights all thefts reported for the 2015 Fall Term. While theft is always an issue at UBC, it is particularly pronounced during the Fall term. 

The map separates the thefts into: shoplifting, bike theft, theft from auto, and smaller belongings. We encourage you to view the map to better understand the high risk areas on campus, thereby allowing you to better protect your personal belongings. View the map below or under Crime Prevention Tips.

Purple = shoplifting
Blue = smaller belongings e.g. phone, purse, laptop, etc.
Red = bike theft
Yellow = theft from auto

What is the purpose of these Safety Updates?

Safety Updates are issued as part of UBC’s commitment to providing transparent campus crime and safety-related information to the campus community.

Safety Tips
Campus Security would like to remind the campus community about safety tips.
If you have been the victim of a violent crime, tell someone. There are resources available to help you.