Safety Update – Denim Day takes place on January 20 as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

January is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Various events are happening across campus to engage the UBC community in this important issue. As a student, faculty or staff member, you’re invited to participate in these events, including Denim Day.

Wear Denim on Wednesday, January 20

Wear denim, a Denim Day sticker, or both on January 20. Show that you’re standing up against sexual assault. Get your sticker at the following locations:

Faculty and staff members can also email Office of the Vice-Presidents, Students at with the number of stickers you’d like, and these will be sent to your office.

Why denim?

In 1998 an Italian court overturned a rape charge because the victim was wearing tight jeans. The ruling stated that because the victim’s jeans were tight, she had to have helped remove them and, as a result, gave consent to her attacker.

Enraged by the verdict, people around the world launched into protest, showing support for the victim by wearing denim to their places of work.

Find support

Resources are available to support students, faculty and staff who have experienced sexual assault. Find resources for students and for faculty and staff.

Assisting student survivors

If you are a faculty and staff member, and a student has disclosed that they have been sexually assaulted, there are various ways you can help. Find out how to support student survivors.

About Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Learn more about Sexual Assault Awareness Month and other events you can attend. Join the conversation and help end the violence.