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Access Services provides three distinct, integral services to the UBC community: SurveillanceAccess Control and Alarm Systems. To learn more, click on any of the headings below. To book a consultation, discuss maintenance or to simply learn more, please email or call our office at 604.822.5276. To learn more about Access Services, visit the University Community Services website.


Safety and Security Cameras

Access Services facilitates the Safety and Security Camera user request process to confirm adherence to UBC Policy. We can help you clarify your security needs to ensure that cameras are an appropriate part of your overall solution. We offer systems installation, recording, storage, as required.

Access Control

Access Services provides ACMS electronic access solutions, exclusively compatible with the UBC Card program. We provide guidance and offer solutions that allow you to reduce the risks associated with keys, and to manage your space and assets more effectively.

Alarm Systems

Access Services supports Campus Security’s goal of providing a safe and secure campus through the installation of monitored response Alarms Systems. We can work with you to identify areas of concern, and design a solution that works with your operational needs.      

Lost & Stolen Keys

If your UBC keys have been lost or stolen, immediately notify the administration of your department or your direct supervisor. In addition, you will need to contact the Access Desk as soon as possible. After these steps are completed, your supervisor will follow up with you about how to replace your keys. If you are a unit head or administrator and are informed of keys being lost/stolen in the space that you manage at UBC, we advise you to do a risk assessment, advise the Access Desk, and follow up with your Facility Manager to consider a re-key of the space.

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