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This protocol has been established to provide a higher degree of customer service and book Campus Security.  Once you have read and understood this service request protocol, please complete the Request for Security form.

The protocol includes:

1) A minimum of five working days’ notice:

- The cost is $50 per hour per security officer. If less than five working days’ notice, the cost is $65.

- The cost is $25 per access and lock-up. If less than two working days’ notice, the cost $50.

2) Must be confirmed by the Campus Security department.

3) Provide details on whether Campus Security is required to remain or just provide access and lock-up.To provide access and lock-up only, please call 604-822-2222, once you arrive and again just prior to leaving. You must wait for a Campus Security member to attend to lock-up before you leave.

4) Any changes to the original request must again be a minimum of five working days’ notice.

Campus Security cannot allow access to UBC buildings without proper authorization in writing (fax, email, campus mail and so forth) from the Building/Department administrator, Facility Manager or Project Manager.

All alarmed premises require Campus Security to remain while people are on the premises:

Note: the only time that Campus Security is not required to remain is if the alarm owner provides authorization in writing to Campus Security. Please note in the section, “Are there any special needs or requirements that Security should be aware of” that the alarm owner will send authorization for Campus Security not to remain on site. These written authorizations should be sent to:

Ali Mojdehi, Operations Manager

Phone: 604 822 5724

Rey Atienza, Operations Supervisor

Phone: 604 822 3793

Sammy Lam, Assistant Operations Manager

Phone: 604 822 3509


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