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Campus Security and UBC offer a wide range of services to students and the UBC community at large. You can either ask your question in the search box or choose from one of the categories below. If we haven't answered your question here, please feel free to reach out to a member of our team.


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Who can I contact for emergencies at UBC?
Who can I contact for non-emergency issues at UBC?
I have experienced a crime, who can I immediately contact?
As a UBC student, who can I contact for support?
As a member of the UBC faculty or staff, who can I contact for support?
What are the campus Blue Phones?
Are there safe and well-lit places I can wait if I wish to be escorted by the AMS Safewalk?
I'll be on campus late, what are my options if I wish to be escorted to my car or residence?
When would I use the "buddy system"?
What should I do if I'm being followed on campus?
Are there any safety best practices I should do before I enter my car?
Are there additional safety tips you can give me?
How can I prevent identity theft?
What is phishing?
How can I protect my computer against hackers?
What could a fraudulent phone call sound like?
What is the definition of sexual assault?
I've lost my phone/tablet/computer. What should I do to either retrieve it or protect my information that's kept on the device? What if there is sensitive or personally identifying information stored on the device?
What's the best way to retrieve a lost smartphone?
I've lost my U-Pass BC / Compass Card. What do I do now?
I've lost my glasses. How can I retrieve them if they're lost?
What can I do to increase my chances of retrieving lost textbooks, laptops, phones, bikes, etc?
Is there bike theft at UBC?
How should I protect my wallet?
How should I protect valuables in my car?
How else can I safeguard my vehicle?
What are key tags?
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