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Sneaky Shiba gives Security the Slip

Over the weekend Campus Security received a call about a dog running around the Vancouver Campus, dodging cars in the Rose Garden Parkade and generally making a nuisance of himself. Members of the on-duty patrol located the dog, a handsome Shiba Inu which appeared to be friendly, and attempted to bring him in for questioning. The dog eluded initial attempts to place him in custody and remained at large until Nitobe Gardens staff reported another sighting a few minutes later, at which point he was leashed and taken to the Campus Security office.

Research on the BC Lost and Found Pet Registry suggested that the dog could be one which was reported missing two days ago. However after charming members of the Campus Security team, and being entertained with a stick for a while, the dog, named Picardo, was happily reunited with his owner, who had spent the last hour or so searching campus for him.

After a few final belly scratches and treats from the Campus Security team, Picardo (securely attached to his leash) and his owner went on their way.


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