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A new look for Campus Security

When you next visit UBC’s Vancouver Campus, you might notice that the Campus Security team are sporting a new look; the team have been issued with new uniforms, which include a brand new Campus Security badge.

The uniforms come in two varieties: 
•    High visibility – helping campus users to easily pick out patrol officers in a crowd 
•    French blue – a more subtle look for officers when on desk duty or at official events

These uniforms allow patrol officers to provide the security services needed in any situation, on our large and diverse Vancouver campus. 

Campus Security's new badge featuring The Thunderbird

The new badge, which features The Thunderbird, was designed by First Nations artist Susan Point. Susan said “The Thunderbird, the Protector, represents power, protection and strength. He is often seen as the most powerful of all the sprits. He lives high in the mountains and creates thunder when he flaps his wings. He shoots bolts of lightning from his eyes.

He controls rains and thus water levels and saves people this way by allowing salmon to return to spawn. He resembles an eagle, but can be distinguished by the two curved horns on his head.”

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