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Rae Ann Aldridge appointed as Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services

The VPFO is pleased to announce that Rae Ann Aldridge has been appointed as UBC’s new Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services effective January 6, 2020.

In her new role, Rae Ann will be charged with working across campus to enhance UBC’s safety and security. She will be responsible for leading Safety & Risk Services, a new department which is the result of a merger between Risk Management Services and Campus Security.

Rae Ann brings significant safety and security leadership to UBC. She was previously the Associate Vice-President, Risk with the University of Calgary. During her tenure, the University of Calgary was recognized as Canada’s Safest Employer as presented by Canadian Occupational Safety magazine. She was also the winner of the CAUBO Emerging Leader award in 2016 and named Safety Leader of the Year in 2018 by Occupational Safety Magazine.

Peter Smailes, Vice-President Finance & Operations also wishes to recognize and thank Ron Holton for his steadfast support in managing these transitions and leading the Risk Management Services/Safety & Risk Services team for the past 9 years. Please join all of us in wishing him well in his retirement in the new year.

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