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UBC police updating public with new information from September carjacking incident

The UBC RCMP Detachment are informing the public that two youth have been arrested in connection to the carjacking of a UBC student in September 2019.

(see previous release)

This investigation spanned several police jurisdictions throughout the lower mainland and ultimately resulted in two arrests being made. The suspects were located driving the stolen vehicle in North Vancouver, based on a witness call to the police.

"A great deal of credit is due the alert person who called us," said Sgt. DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP. "They figured they were just reporting a reckless driver in their cul-de-sac. What they couldn't have known was that they were actually helping take two violent, dangerous criminals off the street." He noted that police rely on the public to help fight crime, and cited this as a good example of the positive impact when people are willing to call, even for things that seem relatively minor.

The UBC University RCMP Detachment acknowledges the hard work done by many partnering agencies for their work on this matter including; E Division Major Crime Unit, the North Vancouver RCMP Detachment, Delta Police Department, and UBC Campus Security among others.

The effort and hard work put in by investigators from around the Province on this matter should hope to reassure the public that their safety is of the utmost importance to the RCMP at the UBC Detachment and all policing agencies says University of BC Detachment Commander: S/Sgt. Chuck Lan.

Read the release on the RCMP Website

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