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Update on Campus Security Review

In May 2021, we shared the Executive Summary to the external independent review of Campus Security. Over the last several months, the Campus Security team has been working on implementing the three specific recommendations outlined in the report.

#1 Policy Enhancements

Policy Enhancements relating to opportunities to improve the standard operating procedures for Campus Security on both campuses

  • UBC will continue to measure and align the SOPs with an internationally recognized standards similar to other institutions in North America for best practices for Campus Security Programs.  

#2 Training

Opportunities to improve the training provided to Campus Security including building understanding of racial discrimination and racial harassment.

  • Work continues to be underway and is on track in developing and formalizing a training matrix for Campus Security. This would include completing training requirements outlined in the report and additional professional enhancement training to maintain best practices and continuous improvement in the quality of services to foster a safe campus environment.
  • All UBC Vancouver Campus Security team members are in the process of completing the VP Finance and Operations six canvas course program on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The first two courses have been completed: 1) Foundations in Equity, Diversity, Inclusion; and 2) Power and Privilege

#3 Complaint Investigations

Appoint a separate body or office to investigate complaints against campus security.

  • A formalized and documented process for managing complaints has been drafted to ensure that complaints are directed to the appropriate office when necessary. This protocol will be drafted in consultation with the Equity and Inclusion Office, the Independent Investigations Office, the Office of the University Counsel and Human Resources.


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