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5 security tips to protect your bike

Bike theft is one of the most common property crimes reported by UBC campus users, with almost 150 incidents reported on average each year. But fear not, by following the below tips you can dramatically reduce your chances of falling victim to bike thieves.

1. Don’t own a bike!

It might seem counterproductive, but if you don’t own a bike, it can’t get stolen! The HOPR Bike Share program gives campus users an affordable alternative to owning a bike without the risks of having your property stolen.

2. Lock your bike properly

U-locks generally offer the best protection against thieves, and investing in a decent one could save your bike from being stolen and needing to be replaced down the line. Properly locking your bike is not a guarantee that it will always be safe, with thieves using a range of tools to break locks, but it will definitely help to prevent theft or damage.

When locking up, make sure your lock is around your frame and rear wheel, with a security cable through the front wheel.

Check out our handy video below for a demonstration.


3. Leave your bike in the right place

Help to discourage thieves by locking your bike in areas that are:

  • Well lit
  • Have high pedestrian traffic
  • And are open and visible

There are also bike lockers and cages around campus that offer additional security for a small fee.

4. Register your bike

Registering your bike with a program like Project 529 increases the chances of it being returned if you do fall victim to bike theft. You can even register your bike after it has been stolen. Be sure to document all your bike's personalizations (stickers, markings etc) and save your purchase receipt.

Law enforcement use programs like this to contact bike owners when stolen bikes are recovered. Thieves may also be discouraged from stealing a bike if they can see it has been registered from the program sticker.

5. Report bike theft

A surprising number of bike theft victims do not report the crime, thinking it is pointless and that their bike has been lost forever. While stolen bikes are often not returned to their rightful owner, usually because there is no way to identify them:

  • Report any incident to Campus Security by calling 604 822 2222 or using our online form
  • Or using the RCMP non-emergency line 604 224 1322

It doesn’t cost you anything and could result in your stolen bike being returned.

Report an Incident
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