Responding to on-campus protests disruptions


UBC is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and welcome healthy debate on campus. While engaging in such discussion, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to uphold the university’s values in creating a positive and respectful environment, even when considering opinions that may fundamentally differ from their own. 

If a demonstration or protests is blocking access to your building or interrupting classes, we advise that you follow our guidance below:

  • Report the incident to Campus Security at 604-822-2222.
  • Look for another location to enter and/or exit the building if safe to do so
  • Avoid provoking or obstructing demonstrators blocking the doors.

The safety and security of all persons on campus is our primary concern. Campus Security will:

  • Attend and monitor the situation.
  • Place signage redirecting persons to other exits
  • Work with all participants to ensure safe passage for everyone and to identify any safety concerns (i.e. Fire Safety/Code Violations).
  • Engage with demonstrators to locate suitable space for them to peacefully message their views.
  • Remain in place until regular operations resume and participants have departed safely from the building.
  • Remain in place until everyone has departed safely from the building.


UBC’s current strategic plan highlights five core values: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Academic Freedom, and Accountability. See Shaping UBC’s Next CenturyAcademic Freedom is singled out as “a unique value of the academy” but clearly draws upon, and informs, the other four values. To learn more about respect and accountability, see the UBC Statement on Respectful EnvironmentsBullying and Harassment Prevention at UBC, and the initiatives of the Equity & Inclusion Office.

For information on Academic freedom and policies, please visit UBC Academic + Provost.