Personal Safety Planning


Campus Security supports personal safety by awareness, prevention, intervention, and response. We support students, faculty, and staff through personal safety planning sessions and educational workshops to help address concerns while learning, teaching, and working on campus.


A unique and personalized safety plan

We acknowledge that every situation is different and those seeking support require a unique and personalized plan. For those interested in creating an incident specific safety plan, we can help.

Our sessions will prioritize your personal safety and provide you with scenario-based guidance, tools and resources so you can make informed decisions. Take a look below at some of the personal safety planning sessions and workshops our team offers.

For more information on a Personal Safety Planning session, please contact Nick Sagliocco, Community Safety Zone Manager (

We provide safety sessions & workshops

The following are some of the personal safety planning sessions and workshops we support:

  • Safety planning as a reaction to a specific incident
  • Safety considerations while traveling or commuting on/off campus
  • Safety when working alone on campus
  • Protecting personal property and anti-theft measures
  • Overall safety planning as a proactive approach
  • Creating and understanding emergency response procedures