Staying safe at a party

It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that people have a good time at a party, including reducing possible harms from substances and contributing to a culture of consent for one another. From organizers and planners, to fellow party goers, safety of our community is up to all of us. If you need additional resources, please see below.

Planning an event or party?

The Inclusive Event Planning Canvas course is designed for organizers and planners to integrate equity, diversity and inclusion at all levels of the process.

The Safer Parties workshop is available by request for groups planning events to review how harm reduction for substance use and a culture of consent can be fostered and integrated throughout a party. For more information about planning parties on campus, please visit Serving Alcohol at campus events on the Student Services website.



UBC Harm Reduction Resources

The AMS VP External and VP Academic have collaborated on a Substance Use Health Resource List and Map showing where you can pick up harm reduction supplies at UBC and Greater Vancouver (such as naloxone kits and fentanyl strips), places where you can get your substances tested, and other services that offer injection sites, naloxone and other harm reduction training, mental health support, etc. Learn more.


Substance-facilitated sexual assault

Using drugs, including alcohol, to deliberately create a situation in which a person is incapacitated (and therefore cannot give consent) in order to pursue sexual contact or attention is substance-facilitated sexual assault. Anyone who has been impacted by substance-facilitated sexual assault deserves support.

If you have experienced sexual or gender-based violence, harassment, or harm, visit the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre  or the UBC Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office.


Going home safely

If you feel unsafe travelling alone on campus after dark, the AMS Safewalk walking and driving teams can accompany you. It is possible that other Safewalk users will be in the car at the same time as you. Safewalk provides a safe means of travel for many people on campus, so we may be transporting more than one person at a time. After 2 am, Campus Security can accompany you.

For transit options on campus, visit the UBC Campus + Community Planning website