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Campus Security is part of Safety & Risks Services (SRS), a department within the VP Finance & Operations (VPFO) portfolio on the UBC Vancouver campus. Safety & Risk Services ensures the university operates effectively and safely by identifying and reducing risks that could affect the university’s ability to achieve its academic mission. Learn more about Safety & Risk Services.

We are licensed for security work

Campus Security officers are UBC employees, certified and licensed for security work by the Attorney General of British Columbia.

Our officers have completed Basic Security Training (BST), and take on additional training each year on various disciplines including Conflict Resolution, Conflict De-escalation, Threat Assessment, Officer Safety & Self-Defense, Sexual Assault Disclosures & reporting, Mental Health & Suicide Awareness, Intercultural Communications, and Customer Service.

Roles & responsibilities

All Campus Security Officers have a minimum of Basic First Aid training, with over 80% being Occupational First Aid Level 2 (OFA2) certified and respond to First Aid on campus.

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To find contact information for a specific individual, please visit Safety & Risk Services.

Patrol officers are Occupational First Aid Level 2 (OFA2) certified

Campus Security respond to all First Aid calls for students, faculty, staff, student-staff, and visitors on the UBC Vancouver campus. Our team provides initial care and implement critical interventions until paramedics arrive on scene.

Campus Security is not a replacement for the emergency services, but will likely arrive on scene before fire, ambulance, and police services.

In the unlikely event that Campus Security is unavailable, the program will automatically be supported by Vancouver Fire Rescue Services.

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Access Services is part of Campus Security

Access Services provides strategic and consultative oversight of electronic systems and door opening solutions implementation on campus to mitigate risk and increase safety and security.

Our team works directly with UBC stakeholders and developers to ensure that risk-reducing strategies are integrated in the design of new university space, and adhere to UBC Technical Guidelines and UBC Camera Policy SC16. Our team includes the Locksmiths and Secure Access Technicians.


Access Services is partnered with UBC Parking to collectively support the UBC community’s access needs. Access Services provides technical support, and UBC Parking provides administrative support through the Access Key Desk and UBC Card program.

Our Locksmiths service and maintain all the door opening hardware to UBC’s institutional space to ensure our community members and property assets are safe and secure. Our teams are also responsible for the implementation and maintenance of UBC’s high security keyway, which is controlled entirely in-house. We install and service electrified locking hardware in concert with the Secure Access Technicians provision of UBC Card access control.

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Secure Access Technicians

Our team of Secure Access Technicians install and service all the camera, access, and intrusion systems solutions on campus.

Our teams work in tandem with our Locksmith Shops to ensure the ongoing functional integrity of electronic access control, and facilitates the safety and security camera user request process to confirm adherence to UBC Camera Policy SC16.

Working with our partners

Campus Security officers work closely with the university community, University RCMP, and internal and external partners to maintain UBC campus as a safe place to study, work, live and visit. While our Campus Security patrol officers are responsible for upholding university policies and procedures, we are not police or special constables.

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