Active threat

An active shooter is a person actively shooting at people, usually at random, in a confined or populated area. In most cases, there is no pattern or method to their actions. Event is unpredictable and evolves quickly. Knowing what to do can save lives. When an active shooter is in your vicinity, you must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with the situation.

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Run, Hide, Fight

If faced with an active shooter incident either on UBC campus or elsewhere, you have THREE options to protect your personal safety immediately — RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.

  • If you see or hear an armed intruder and if you believe it is possible to safely exit the area — RUN!
  • If you don’t know exactly where the shooting is happening or evacuation is not possible to escape safely — HIDE!
  • As an absolute last resort if you cannot run or hide, and if you feel your life is in imminent danger — FIGHT!

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