Safety & Security Cameras

Camera technology is employed by UBC to enhance the safety and security of those who study, work, visit and live on our campuses and to protect UBC’s assets and property. UBC is committed to using this technology in a way that respects and safeguards the privacy of members of the campus community.

For information and assistance on the approval process and advice on Safety and Security camera systems, please contact Campus Security Operations Manager, Sammy Lam (

UBC complies with Video Camera Policy SC16

Under Video Camera Policy SC16, the policy is intended to ensure that camera systems that are operated by the University, and are configured to capture identifiable images of individuals, are implemented and used in compliance with provincial legislation and University records management requirements.

The University currently has 48 active camera systems on the UBC Vancouver campus. The most prominent systems are the Emergency Blue Phone and the Bus Loop camera systems.

Learn more on the Office of University Counsel website.