Getting Around Safely

Whether you are travelling on foot, by bike, or by public transit, these tips will help you get to your destination safely.


  • If you feel unsafe walking alone on campus after dark, the AMS Safewalk walking and driving teams can accompany you.
  • Avoid wooded areas at night and stay in well-lit areas. If you’re out for a run, try to face oncoming traffic and wear reflective clothing.
  • Headphones block out your surroundings and make it hard to be fully aware of what’s happening, so try not to use them, especially at night.
  • Familiarize yourself with your routes by reviewing the Pedestrian Priority Zones at UBC and using the UBC Wayfinding tool.

Using Transit

    • Plan your route beforehand, and know the transit schedule. Visit the UBC Campus + Community Planning website for helpful resources, including transit options on campus and TransLink’s Trip Planner.
    • Choose busy and visible stops.
    • Use well-lit stops and sit near the driver at night.