Our uniforms & livery


Our Campus Security uniforms allow the campus community to easily identify our officers as representatives of the university, and are in alignment with our mission to create a safe, secure, and respectful environment for our university community.

We’re here and we’re easy to see

Our uniforms come in two varieties:

  • High visibility yellow – helping campus users to easily identify our patrol officers in a crowd.
  • French blue – a subtler look for officers when on desk duty or at official events.

Have a question about our services? Visit our office at any time to speak with us in person.

Our privilege to wear the Thunderbird

Our uniforms feature a Thunderbird badge, designed by First Nations artist, Susan Point, acknowledging our relationship with the Musqueam First Nation.

“The Thunderbird, the Protector, represents power, protection and strength. He is often seen as the most powerful of all the spirits. He lives high in the mountains and creates thunder when he flaps his wings. He shoots bolts of lightning from his eyes. He controls rains and water levels and saves people by allowing salmon to return to spawn. He resembles an eagle, but can be distinguished by the two curved horns on his head.” — Susan Point

Spot our vehicles on campus

Our Campus Security and first aid vehicle livery is modeled after high-visibility emergency vehicle designs used in Europe and Scandinavia. Wherever possible, as part of UBC’s award-winning Platinum E3 fleet, we use low carbon options, including pure electric and low mass vehicles.

Never hesitate to flag us down and ask for help at any time.