Holiday crime prevention tips from UBC Campus Security

Happy Holidays from UBC Campus Security! While you’re out enjoying the hustle and bustle of the holidays, keep these tips in mind for a safe, happy and crime-free season holiday season on campus.

  1. Close and lock all office and exterior building doors & windows. Arm all intrusion alarms.
  2. Protect your building and office keys to prevent your workplace from being targeted.
  3. Turn off office lights and electronic equipment. Illumination can provide visibility of valuable equipment from outside the building, inviting theft.
  4. Close all blinds and curtains on ground floor windows.
  5. Securely lock away portable equipment, tools, laptops and external data devices.
  6. Lock valuable personal property out of sight or take it home.
  7. Ensure all your data devices are encrypted for security.
  8. If you’re working late on campus, let someone know, check in regularly or let them know when to expect your return home.
  9. Download the UBC Safe App! Turn on your push notifications to receive immediate information and updates that are impacting the entire campus.