Successful bike recovery: a collaboration between Campus Security, partners and the community

Last month, a community member was meeting up with a seller for a bike test ride in Vancouver when they noticed the Project 529 decal on the bike. The good Samaritan recorded the registration number and found out that the bike, which was registered to the UBC community, was tagged stolen, and proceeded to contact UBC Campus Security.

Campus Security was able to find a corresponding theft report from January and contacted the victim — a UBC student — to reach out to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) to report the find and request assistance in recovering the stolen bike.

VPD met up with the seller along with the student, who was able to confirm that it was indeed their bike. Kudos to everyone for their efforts and collaboration in returning the bike to its rightful owner!

To tackle bike theft on campus, UBC has partnered with Project 529, a community-based bike registration and recovery service. It only takes five minutes to enter your bike’s information in UBC’s 529 Garage!