Protest at the Vancouver Campus

A demonstration began last week at the Vancouver campus on MacInnes Field and is ongoing. During this time, campus remains open for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

UBC upholds freedom of expression and supports peaceful protest. At the same time, the safety and security and a respectful environment for our community members and visitors remains our foremost priority.

Ensuring Safety on Campus

The university is monitoring the situation and is continuing to liaise with law enforcement to ensure the safety of those both inside and outside the protest area.


All campus buildings, including academic spaces, recreation facilities and attractions remain open. However, some buildings may have shorter opening hours.

Summer session begins on May 13 as scheduled and graduation ceremonies will proceed as scheduled beginning May 22. Conferences and other events will continue as planned unless stated otherwise by the organizers.

The University is working to minimize disruptions to campus operations and remind everyone that any protest actions must be conducted with respect for others and within the boundaries of UBC policy and the law.